Rising Dawn is the first book in the seiries

of A new Era. The cat picture is Ivyheart,

but in book one is known as Ivypaw.

Leaders in Rising Dawn time.Edit

The leader of Breezeclan is Wolfstar, the

leader of Waterclan is Heatherstar, the leader

of Darkclan is Snakestar who later in the book

dies and Ebonystar takes over, The leader of

Meadowclan is Emberstar.

Sneak peek of Rising DawnEdit

" Mom! mom?MOM!" Yowled Ivykit." What?!" Snareled Dapplesong who was grooming Pinekit's fur. " We are

going to be late for our apprentices ceremony." Meowed Ivykit impatiently ." You think I don't know!" Meowed

Dapplesong sounding worried. Then Wolfstar's voice from outside the newly repaired nursery." Cats of

Breezeclan please gather at Highrock." Wolfstar meowed." Its time!" Yoweled Dapplesong." Mom stop

worrying, we'll be be great!" Meowed Pinekit puffing out his chest." I know you will dear, now go on get!"

Meowed Dapplesong.



Leader: Wolfstar

Deputy: Smoketail

Medicine cat: Robinflight apprentice: Icepaw

Warriors: Leafshine, Oakwhisker, Foxpelt, Cinderfang, Mousefur, Yellowblaze, Stonepelt, Lizardnose

Blackfoot, Hollydapple, Squirrelfur, Boulderstripe, Snowtail

Apprentices: Icepaw, Nightpaw, Cloudpaw, Weaslepaw, Lightningpaw, Ivypaw, Pinepaw

Queens: Dapplesong, Willowheart, Swiftleaf

Mentors: Leafshine ( Cloudpaw's mentor.), Squirrelfur ( Nightpaw's mentor.), Oakwhisker ( Weaslepaw's mentor),

Blackfoot ( Lightningpaw's mentor.), Robinflight ( Icepaw's mentor.)

Elders: Barktail, Whisperingrain, Mothpool

Kits: Stormkit ( Swiftleaf's kit.)


Leader: Heatherstar

Deputy: Lionheart

Medicine cat: Spottedfeather apprentice: Jaypaw

Warriors: Redclaw, Cherrycloud, Leafvine, Tornclaw, Flowertail, Leopardfang, Antfur, Littlebird, Brightmist,

Apprentices: Graypaw, Minnowpaw, Beechpaw, Ripplepaw, Jaypaw

Queens: Dawncloud, Brindletail

Mentors: Cherrycloud ( Minnowpaw's mentor.), Spottedfeather ( Jaypaw's mentor.), Tornclaw ( Beechpaw's

mentor.), Brightmist ( Graypaw's mentor.), Antfur ( Rippleclaw's mentor.)

Elders: Sparrowstorm, Duskstream, Gorsespots

Kits: Morningkit ( Brindletail's kit.), Tinykit ( Brindletail's kit.) Seelkit ( Brindletail's kit.)